Empowering Families to create a healthy relationship with food is a non-negotiable part of healthy living. My motto is to prevent unhealthy and bias attitudes towards food, diet and their response to the body during an entire lifespan.

Influenced by the Indian traditional way of eating, Neutriful has designed diet plans, recipes and healthy food products keeping in mind all the Indian traditional kitchen ingredients to make diet plans more compliant, nutritious and budget-friendly to follow.


In the era of being influenced and exposed to junk foods with a market full of food alternatives, it can be quite challenging to choose the best options. That is why I tackle each developmental stage with immense care and love to ensure a healthy and nutritious living. Nutritious roots of childhood grow into healthy and non-diseased adulthood.


I am a Certified Clinical Dietitian, Child Nutrition Specialist, Founder and Nutrition Entrepreneur. I have studied BSc Applied Nutrition, PG Clinical Dietetics with Pediatric Nutrition, and Fellowship from The International Society of Pediatric Oncology (SIOP) and Certified by The Indian Academy of Pediatrics.

I have been associated as a Clinical Dietitian with Sion Hospital, Surana Sethia Hospital & Research Centre, Bhatia Hospital & various government health centres of Community Nutrition. I have worked as a Pediatric Dietitian with a Child-centric fitness company in the past. I have also written various articles and reviews based on medical nutrition therapies and nutritious living.