Tips to battle junk foods with total control

Most of us wake up with a clear intention every day to cut down on calories, or hit the gym or swear to lose weight only to be foiled by junk foods surrounded practically everywhere. Do you think you are fighting for more will power? Do you question your efforts more and more? Wondering how to stop eating junk food and lose weight? Just have a look at this amazing concept of eating healthy given @Neutriful right here.


First, stop fighting your inner junk drive to understand yourself better
In general, diet plans put a lot of restrictions on eating behaviour that can feel oppressive. As a part of human tendency, the more we force ourselves by saying “NO” to ourselves, the more we tend to behave in the opposite way. This is called the “inner rebel trigger. Overpower your rebel by learning the right techniques of balanced eating.

Normal blood sugar levels help control junk food craving too
Your correct intentions may not be enough. Some foods consumed to cause a roller coaster in the body’s blood sugar levels. This triggers the body to crave for rapid energy releasing foods like sugar and nutritionally poor foods. Prevent this vicious cycle of frequent food cravings and blood sugar surges and maintain it with the right kind of nutritious foods all day.

Protect your resources to keep your hands off junk foods
Consistently making productive, intentional decisions requires a certain level of physical, mental, and emotional resources. Stress eating or emotional eating can both divert your attention from some nutrient-rich foods. Most individuals tend to lay hands on hyper-palatable foods and binge on junk foods while stressed or hungry at work. Avoid being prey to this mindless pattern of overeating.

Say no to junk food, say no to heavy workout compensation
Most set health and fitness goals and work down on calories by binging and compensating with heavy workouts. Many of you who indulge in such behaviour only experience stress, self-disappointment and guilt. This not only causes severe changes in the body’s metabolism but also causes further resistance to losing weight. Eat and exercise out of happiness and not guilt.

Sleep well to avoid junk foods
Haphazard sleeping pattern only leads to night crawling and creates more affinity towards midnight snacking. Research confirms the erratic behaviour of the brain towards food and increases cravings for nutritionally poor and sugary foods. Early risers with early bed pattern of sleep chose the right kind of foods and happily enjoy exercising activities.

Address Leptin Resistance in your body
Leptin is an appetite suppressing hormone. Leptin resistance is the body’s inability to hear the “Stop eating” signal due to non-functioning leptin receptors which can be due to wrong eating habits over a long period of time.

Stop Dieting – Eat more protein
Get away with the concept of eating less for more weight loss. Instead, eat more protein to keep your stomach satiated that not only help prevent a sudden rise in blood sugar levels but also help pick healthy foods.

When you set the right goals in your mind, your body follows it automatically.