Nutritious Rotzza: Serves 1


i) 2 Parathas/Thick Chappatis/Rotla
ii) 2 cubes (100g) Cheese/Panner/Tofu
iii) Broccoli – 50g
iv) Tomatoes- 2 no
v) Baby corn- 5-6 diced
vi) Carrots – 1 no evenly sliced
vii) 1 TBSP Pizza sauce
viii) 1 TSP Ketchup
ix) Herbs and Chilli flakes as per taste
x) Salt and pepper as per taste


i) Roll out 2 thick rotis, parathas or rotla as per mood and convenience. Lay them flat and make them hot and crisp on a flat tava before placing other necessary ingredients.
ii) Apply 1 TBSP pizza sauce and ketchup on the crisp flat breads and begin placing your diced vegetables chosen.
iii) Sprinkle herbs, salt and pepper as per taste and steam the ready dish on a sizzling hot plate for 5-10 minutes till the cheese melts.

Go off breads and enjoy it with various vegetable combinations and multigrain flat breads