Tailor made DIET REGIME include-

i) Condition specific diet plans

ii) 30 minute personalized Diet Counselling Session with the Dietitian

iii) Exercise Regime

iv) Customized Nutritious Recipes for each plan for Adults

v) Customized Nutritious Tiffin Meal Ideas for Children

vi) Snack smartly with Neutriful Health Products (SHOP SEPERATELY)

Follow up session includes

Doubt solving and change in diet plan if required

Body composition analysis including- Available offline only

Anthropometric Measurements
Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis
Body Mass Index (BMI) Analysis
Growth Chart Plotting and Analysis for Children

Community & Corporate wellness

Packages Customized as per requirement

Special Adult & Child Nutrition Workshops

Packages Customized as per requirement

Neutriful Health Products

For individuals, corporate companies, gyms and wellness centers(via enquiries)

Choose your plan and write to us or call us directly for enquiries